The 2022 Winner and Three Highly Commended Announced

The 2022 winner is Judita Poceviciute of Rapport

Greg Mace, Founder of  Corporate Receptionist of the Year, announced that “Judita Poceviciute of Rapport was the winner of the Award for 2022 and received the prestigious trophy as well as a fully hosted five-day trip to New York and dinner for two at a leading Michelin-starred restaurant in London.”

Three Highly Commended Awards (in alphabetical order by surname)

Dirk Talsma, Chair of Corporate Receptionist of the Year added, ‘this year the judges wanted to make three Highly Commended Awards from the ten finalists who attended the assessment day, because it was so difficult to separate each of them. 

Highly Commended

Lauren Ayres, Rapport at Citi

“I love the idea that receptionists are able to control the impressions of everyone who walks through the door; that they are able to make someone’s whole experience amazing, just by that first encounter.” 



Highly Commended

Lainey Taylor, Portico at Deutsche Bank

“I’m a people person who loves to see a smile on other people’s faces; I always remember great service and I knew I wanted to be the reason people smile and remember the impeccable service they receive.”


Highly Commended

Imogen Walker, Anabas 

“I was ‘meant’ to be a Corporate Receptionist rather than inspired to be one as I wanted to focus on making people smile, whilst taking pleasure from providing a high level of service to others.”


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Exceptional front of house receptionists working in the corporate sector for 2022

Assessment day

Each of the ten finalists had a traditional interview, then performed in role play and phone play scenarios. They also took part in a group exercise so that the judges could score their behaviour as part of a team.