The 2024 competition is open from 15th January 2024

The 2024 competition is open to any receptionist working in a corporate organisation, whether directly for that organisation or through a third-party contractor service provider. The applicant must have worked for that company for at least 6 months at the 1st January 2024 and not be working their notice or have otherwise indicated their intention to leave.

Entries are limited to just one application per corporate organisation (third party providers can enter multiple candidates located at different corporate organisations) and each application must be endorsed by the reception manager, front of house manager or facilities manager. If more than one application is received from any one organisation, then the one received first will be accepted. The competition is open to front-line employees, not supervisors, managers or more senior personnel.

Download and complete application form

You must complete every section and ask your manager to endorse your application. Full instructions are included on the form. Once completed, save the PDF application form, ready for submission. PLEASE: Make sure your CV is up to date and you have a recent photo of yourself in your corporate uniform (or usual work attire if no formal uniform).

Your answers to each questions should be no longer than 150 words maximum 

PLEASE NOTE: the word count of 150 per answer must be strictly adhered to and you will invalidate your entry if you do not comply with this.

Tips from the judges. Type up your answers in Word first, then use the word count function before completing the boxes on the application form.

Send us a recent photo of yourself

Send us a great shot of yourself and make sure your face is well lit.

Tips from the judges. For the best result, ask somebody else to take it for you. Make sure the background is white or neutral in colour, without unnecessary clutter, and avoid standing in front of a window. The photo should be portrait and of at least 1,000KB file size (1MB) and ideally of 3MB. 

Send us a video clip of yourself

This year we are also requesting a short video clip of no more than 45 seconds or 100MB of the applicant where we ask that you bring your personality to life.

Tips from the judges. Plan carefully what you are going to say in advance. This is your chance to stand out from everyone else! So tell us why you should be shortlisted. Make sure it is something new and different about yourself and express your personality. Don’t repeat any of your other answers. Hold the camera steady or ask someone else to hold it for you and go somewhere quiet. Then record! Don’t go over 45 seconds or 100MB in file size.


Submit your entry by Friday 1st March 2024, at midnight.  

Fill in your contact details below. Upload your completed PDF application form, recent photo of yourself, CV and your video clip, and then press submit. PLEASE NOTE: We will send you an automated email to let you know that your entry has been received so please check your spam folder if you do not receive it.